Sheriff Heath White  

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Sheriff Heath White
Torrance County Sheriff's Office
P. O. Box 498, 205 9th Street, Estancia NM  87016
Phone 505-246-4773  Fax 505-384-1277

Sheriff White's Mission Statement

    The primary mission of the Torrance County Sheriff's Office is to coordinate with other law enforcement agencies within Torrance County and their efforts within the community to preserve the public peace, protect the rights of persons and property, prevent crime, and generally provide assistance to citizens in urgent situations.  The Torrance County Sheriff's Office is responsible for the security of the courts, the service of legal process and orders of the court, enforcement of New Mexico State and Federal laws within the boundaries of Torrance County.  

    The Torrance County Sheriff's Office must enforce the law in a fair and impartial manner, recognizing both the statutory and judicial limitations of Sheriff's authority and the constitutional rights of all persons.  It is not the role of the office to legislate, render legal judgments, or punish.

Torrance County Sheriff's Office Code of Ethics:

    As a Sheriff, I recognize that I am given a special trust and confidence by the citizens I serve.  This trust and confidence is my bond to ensure that I shall behave and act according to the highest personal and professional principles.  Furthermore, abiding by this pledge, I will abide by the following code of ethics.

I SHALL ensure that my employees and I, in the performance of our duties, will enforce and administer the law according to the principles of the United States Consitution and applicable laws of the state of New Mexico so that equal protection of the law and due process are guaranteed to everyone.  To that end, my employees and I shall not permit personal opinions, bias, prejudice, party affiliations, or consideration of the status of others to alter or lessen these principles. 

I SHALL establish, promulgate, and enforce standards of behavior for my employees consistent with the responsiblities, duties, obligations, and functions of my office as Sheriff.

I SHALL not tolerate, or condone, cruel or inhumane treatment of others by my employees, not by inmates in my care and custody.

I SHALL adhere, at all times, to the standards and principles of honesty and integrity, and I shall keep my private and political life unsullied as an example to all.

I SHALL follow sound principles of efficient and effective administration and management as the primary criteria for my judgments and decisions in the allocation of resources and services in fulfulling the responsibiliteis, duties, obligations, and functions of my office as sheriff.

I SHALL endeavor to recruit, hire, and promote only those persons who are the very best candidates for a position according to standards of objectivity and merit.

I SHALL ensure that all employees are appropriately trained and supervised to enhance the performance of their dutires so that competent and excellent service is provided by the office of sheriff.

I SHALL ensure that, during my tenure, I shall not use the office of Sheriff for personal gain or self-aggrandizement, and in all things well and truly behave myself in office according to the best of my skill and power

I ACCEPT AND WILL ADHERE TO THIS CODE OF ETHICS.  In doing so, I also accept responsiblity for encouraging others in my profession to abide by this code.

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